Thursday, March 7, 2013

Simple St. Patrick's Day Bentos

4 Simple St. Patrick's Day Bento Lunches:
I made St. Patrick's Day themed bento lunches all week for Eliana and thought I would share them! I actually planned ahead! Normally I make her lunches the day of, or literally right before lunch. This week on Tuesday I made Tuesday's and Wednesday's lunch. Then on Wednesday I made Thursday's and Friday's lunch. If only every week I was this organized! I always use what I have to make lunches all week so you'll see I had a lot of cucumbers, and bell peppers in the fridge :) Just don't ask me what she had on Monday... its almost Friday and I actually forgot :-P

This Simple St. Patrick's Day Bento Lunch was so quick to put together! In her LunchBots Quad Eliana had a cucumber Leprechaun Hat (tutorial can be found here), and a vegetable rainbow made from bell peppers and cucumbers. She also had blackberries, raspberries and some cheese and crackers. I cut the cheddar cheese with a mini shamrock cutter.

This Lucky Lunch was packed in an EasyLunchbox. In the main compartment is our leprechaun, modeled after our Lucky the Leprecahun. This Lucky is a Wowbutter and honey sandwich cut with a circle cookie cutter. His beard and nose are cut from cheddar cheese and his eyes are mini chocolate chips. Underneath him are some pretzel twists. Eliana also had half of a rainbow in bell peppers and a cucumber Leprechaun Hat.

This was a simpler/plain bento.  I don't always make the most decorated lunches for Eliana, but they always are packed with presentation in mind. Here in her LunchBots Trio she has a ham and cheese and spinach tortilla sandwich (multiple layers of each) cut with a shamrock cookie cutter.  She also had pretzel twists, cucumbers, cheese stick and strawberries.

Eliana's Shamrock Bento Lunch was packed in an EasyLunchbox. I used my heart cutter and made three sandwiches and placed them together like a shamrock.  The shamrock is a chocolate soynutbutter sandwich on whole wheat bread.   I used a piece of the bread crust for the stem. Cucumber shamrocks are stacked with a shamrock pick. Vanilla yogurt is packed in a mini dipper (placed inside a silicone cup).  I don't have shamrock sprinkles so I used the sprinkles I had and made them look like shamrocks. I used a toothpick to take some food dye and make a "stem" for the shamrock. **note that sprinkles will dissolve into the yogurt over time and should be added the day of-- not the day before (or even two days before)... Unless you like green dissolved sprinkles in your yogurt. Not that I would know or anything...**

For MORE St. Patrick's Day Fun Food Ideas Click HERE :)

What fun lunches will YOU be making for St. Patrick's Day?

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  1. So many cute lunches!!! You are a ShamRockStar ;)

  2. I love every one of the pretty and colorful lunches Michelle! Amazing job as always!

  3. What I'd like to know is does she really eat it? Do you only pack things you know she'll eat? My kids wouldn't eat tomatoes or red peppers. They are so yummy and pretty to me, but I know they'd just throw them out if I put them in their lunch box. Maybe I'll just make these pretty lunches for me!

    1. My daughter does really eat all of that :) I try to work with the fruits and vegetables she does like. With fruits and vegetables she isn't the biggest fan of or doesn't like I will try to include them in a breakfast or dinner so we all try them together. I'd def make pretty lunches for yourself! I do all the time for me. For some reason it tastes better ;)


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