Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School Bento Lunch

First Day of Second Grade Lunch!
Yesterday was Eliana's First day of SECOND grade. WOW. When did that happen?! I feel like the summer went by SO fast, even though at many times it felt so slow. I'm so excited to be starting up this new school year and happy to be making fun lunches again!

I made Eliana a super simple and fun lunch to celebrate her first day. The night before she was saying she was so nervous so I made sure to add this Lunchbox Love note to remind her to do her best! Thankfully once we dropped her off she saw her best friend and met her teacher she completely lost all jitters! She will normally take the bus but on the first day we like to bring her in. 

I packed Eliana some My Super Foods honey cookies, kiwi, blueberries, A pencil sandwich and sliced plum.  To make the pencil sandwich I just used a knife and cut the bread. On top is cheddar cheese and ham, "glued" on with a little bit of honey. I cut out the word Second out of the cheddar with my alphabet cutters set. She also had some Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips in the section underneath her Lunchbox Love Note. Her lunch was packed in her PlanetBox :)

So all in all, the first day went GREAT! We were ready on time, lunch packed the night before, everything checked and double checked. She came home happy, full of energy, and excited for this new year. It was great! Now the Second Day? That's a whole different story...

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